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I Illuminate, Inc. 

Being Brighter, Being Better

Instilling health into healthcare

For Stronger Healthcare Partnering

At your location

Price: individually negotiated. Contact us to discuss pricing within your budget. 

  • Overview of healthcare system
  • Explain roles of care givers
  • Discuss care giver and care receiver partnership
  • Better understand yourself and your role in healthcare
  • Participate in small group collaborative learning and sharing
  • Structured fellowship with others


Price: 2 hour webinar for $500.00

Training for all staff at facility

  • Content according to identified needs
  • Facility specific culture, mission and vision incorporated
  • Setting specific regulations incorporated
  • Overview of healthcare system
  • Discuss healthcare provider and receiver partnership

Price: 1 hour webinar for $200.00

  • Overview of healthcare system
  • Discuss healthcare provider and receiver partnership

One on one

If you have a personal situation for which you want help, I Illuminate, Inc., will schedule a phone conversation.

Price: 30 minute teleconference for $25.00 

  • For those who have a personal situation to discuss.
  • For those who need help sorting through healthcare information.

**Pre-scheduled and paid in advance only.**

PowerPoint Training Template

Price: $ 150

Ready to use pre-populated training template content appropriate for all staff

Communication Training PowerPoint template can be modified to include information specific for the purchasing facility. Template includes information from evidence based resources and

Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Reform of Requirements for Long- Term Care Facilities